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The experts at Sunrise Heating & Cooling are proud to offer our radiant flooring, which offers an even heat throughout each room in your home. You can enjoy the luxury of having warm floors and no cold spots in your house. Traditional heating systems tend to leave your room extremely hot near the vent, while all of the hot air rushes to the ceiling, before falling back down to your cold air return. This can leave your home with hot and cold spots which can hinder your home-comfort. Our technicians are certified and trained to install your radiant flooring system right the first time so you can rest easy at night knowing your heating system was installed correctly.

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Radiant Flooring is an excellent solution for your homes heating needs. Radiant flooring can help you save money on your energy bill, and it can improve the quality of the air your and your family breathe. There is no air being blown through ventilation systems, so you will not have dust or bacteria airborne in your home. The head will be generated from heating coils underneath your floor giving you the ability to control what zones you would like to heat in your home to save energy. To learn more about radiant heating system, give us a call at 406-587-3310.

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